All In One - Geography

Book: All In One - Geography

Chapter: 3. Agriculture

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 10 of Self Assessment

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Discuss the technological innovations which improved farming in India.

Some of the technological innovations which improved farming in India are as follows –

a) Expansion of irrigation facilities along with the consolidation of the existing systems has been the main strategy for increasing agricultural production.

b) Fertilizer is a key input for increasing agricultural production. The government provides a subsidy for the use of fertilizers so that farmers can use them for augmenting crop production.

c) Introduction of the high yielding varieties of seeds was the most important step in the late 1960s to increase agricultural production in India.

d) Promotion of farm mechanization has been an important initiative taken by the government since the period of Green Revolution during the late 1960s.


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