The following line graph shows the yearly sales figures for a manufacturing company.

A. What were the sales in (i) 2002 (ii) 2006?

B. What were the sales in (i) 2003 (ii) 2005?

C. Compute the difference between the sales in 2002 and 2006.

D. In which year was there the greatest difference between the sales as comparedto its previous year?

A. (i) In 2002, the sales were Rs. 4 crores

(ii) In 2006, the sales were Rs. 8 crores

B. (i) In 2003, the sales were Rs. 7 Crores

(ii) Rs. 10 crores

C. (8-4) Crores=4crores;

Sales of 2006 is Rs. 4 crores more than that of 2002

D. 2005 sees the greatest jump in sales which clear from the steepest angle between these years.