RD Sharma - Mathematics

Book: RD Sharma - Mathematics

Chapter: 7. Values of Trigonometric Functions at Sum of Difference of Angles

Subject: - Class 11th

Q. No. 5 of Exercise 7.1

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If sinA = 1/2, cosB = 12/13, where π/2<A < π And 3π/2 <B < 2π, find tan(A -B).

Given sinA = 1/2 And cosB = 12/13 where π/2 <A < π And 3π/2 <B < 2π

A is in second quadrant And B is in fourth quadrant.

In the second quadrant, the sine function is positive And cosine And tan functions negative.

In the fourth quadrant, sine And tan functions are negative, And cosine function are positive.

We know that

We know that

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If SinA = 1/2, cosB = , where π/2<A < π And 0 <B < π/2, find the following:

(i) tan(A +B)(ii) tan(A -B)