RD Sharma - Mathematics

Book: RD Sharma - Mathematics

Chapter: 7. Values of Trigonometric Functions at Sum of Difference of Angles

Subject: - Class 11th

Q. No. 34 of Exercise 7.1

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If α And β are two solutions of the equation Atanx + Bsecx = c, then find the values of sin(α + β).

Given equation Atanx + Bsecx = c

c – Atanx = Bsecx

Squaring onBoth sides,

(c – Atanx)2 = (Bsecx)2

c2 + A2tan2 x – 2actan x =B2sec2 x

c2 +A2 tan2 x – 2ac tan x = B2(1 + tan2 x)

(a2 –B2) tan2 x – 2ac tan x +(c2 –B2) = 0

There are two solutions tan α And tan β in this quadratic.

We know that

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If SinA = 1/2, cosB = , where π/2<A < π And 0 <B < π/2, find the following:

(i) tan(A +B)(ii) tan(A -B)