Describe briefly, how soil is prepared for sowing the seeds.

The preparation of soil is the first step before growing a crop. The soil is prepared for sowing the seeds of crop by ploughing, levelling and manuring. The process of loosening and turning the soil is called ploughing. It is done by using a tool called plough. It is made up of wood or iron. One of the important task in agriculture is to turn the soil and loosen it. It allows the roots to penetrate deep into the soil so that plants are held more firmly to the soil. The ploughed field may have big pieces of soil called crumbs. It is necessary to break these crumbs with a plank. The levelling of ploughed soil is done by using an implement called leveller. Sometimes, manure is added to the soil before tilling. This helps in proper

mixing of manure with soil. Once the soil is ploughed, levelled and manured, it is ready for sowing of seeds.