Solution of Chapter 2. People as Resource (NCERT - Economics Book)

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Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow:

Story of Sakal

There were two friends named Vilas and Sakal. They both lived in the same village named Semapur. Sakal was twelve years old boy and his mother Sheela looked after domestic works. His father name was Buta Chaudhary, who worked in an agricultural field. Sakal used to help his mother in domestic works and besides helping his mother he looked after his younger siblings Jeetu and Seetu. His uncle had passed matriculation but he had no job he sat idle at home. So Sakal’s mother and father wanted him to study very carefully. They forced him to join the school in the village and he joined. As per his parents’ wish he started studying and completed his higher secondary examination, after this his father persuaded him to continue his studies. He applied for a loan for Sakal’s study in computer. He was very hardworking and interested in studies from the very beginning. So as his higher secondary examination he completed his vocational course and got a job in a private firm. He designed new kind of softwares which helped him to increase the sale of the firm. He was appreciated by his boss all the time and got promotion.

Story of Vilas

Vilas was a boy of eleven years living in the same village as Sakal. His father was a fisherman. Suddenly, his father passed away when Vilas was only two years old. After his father’s death his mother Geeta started selling fish to earn and to feed the family. She bought fish from the landowner’s pond and sold it in the nearby mandi, by which she could earn only Rs. 20 to 30 a day. Vilas became a patient of arthritis and his mother could not afford to take him to a doctor because of their poverty. Because of being the patient he could not go to school and was not interested in studied as his friend Sakal was. He used to help his mother in cooking and also looked after his younger brother Mohan. One day his mother fell ill and there was no one to look after her, there was no one to support them. So in this situation Vilas was forced to sell fish in the same village as his parents did. Like his mother and father he earned very little money.

Do you notice any difference between the two friends? What are these?

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